Reviewing via Launchpad (was Re: Temporary REVU package storage)

Anthony Yarusso tonyyarusso at
Sat Aug 18 05:00:27 BST 2007

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Jordan Mantha wrote:
> I'm not sold on using solely Launchpad for package review as I
> haven't seen yet a workflow that looks good enough for us to use.
> PPAs and bzr have added some interesting elements, but we need a
> clear way to use them for package reviewing. I think it might be
> wise to talk to the Launchpad developers, see what they've got
> coming up and see what they can do for us. The first step in any of
> this is to define what "must have" features we need and what
> workflow works well for use.
> -Jordan

An integration with Launchpad among other things could potentially
enable a quick push-button ACK process, that depending on
implementation could automatically allow such things from people
qualified to give them based on group membership, and when a
sufficient number is attained automatically upload the package from
something like a PPA to the regular build service.

I acknowledge that the *right now* need should be addressed first, and
numerous things would need to be added to or improved on in LP for
this to work well for us, but I do see a very significant potential in
using LP for such things.

While I'm at it, insert obligatory "That said, I would feel much more
comfortable expanding our dependence on Launchpad if it were
open-source" statement here.

- -Tony
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