ubuntu-dev-tools (was: Future of REVU and Debian Mentors)

Siegfried-Angel siggi.gevatter at gmail.com
Fri Aug 3 18:58:08 BST 2007


I'm currently looking on this, and trying to slightly improve the
scripts available there (and add more error messages to make them
friendlier since most don't say nothing and there's just a ugly
message from an external application).

I'd continue the README file (it actually only documents one of the
scripts ¬¬) but I'm not sure if I will be able to discover the utility
of all the scripts; maybe I'll add something about some, but not
explain them all. It would be good if the authors of the scripts could
provide a description for them in both, the top of the script and the
README file. Also I think on each of the script it should mention it's
author and contact information (on some it isn't there, for example on

Also I wanted to ask if someone is actively responsible for it; it
doesn't seems so. And perhaps most important, wouldn't it be good to
enable bugs in Launchpad to be able to coordinate?

Well, here are my thoughts that I've after reading the discussion on
«Future of REVU and Debian Mentors».

Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals (RainCT)
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