MOTU standard subscriber for bugs in source packages in Universe

Brad Bollenbach brad.bollenbach at
Tue Sep 19 21:44:57 BST 2006

On Mon, 2006-18-09 at 08:04 +0200, Daniel Holbach wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> how complicated would it be to set up the 'motu' team (with
> universe-bugs at as a bug contact for all the souce
> packages in Ubuntu Universe?
> Obviously it's no option to subscribe the team to 16000 source packages,
> so an automated solution would be very nice.

Here's what we discussed in IRC, and I think it should work:

<kiko> a) Ask mdz or another ubuntu owner for permission to restructure
bug contacts for ubuntu.
<kiko> b) create a new team called ubuntu-bugs
<kiko> c) add the existing bug team to be a member of this new team
<kiko> d) create a new team called ubuntu-universe-bugs
<kiko> e) set its contact email address to the ML you want
<dholbach> the problem is being bug contact for 16000 source packages :)
<kiko> f) add ubuntu-universe-bugs to ubuntu-bugs
<kiko> g) change list configuration to drop bugmail for main.
<kiko> that's it!
<bradb> dholbach: i think kiko's idea will work, actually. you'll still
be screwed when it comes to package bug reports, but then, the ubuntu
bug contact doesn't work properly for that either
<kiko> of course it will work!!!11
<bradb> heh
<dholbach> Ok
<dholbach> thanks - I'll see what I can do


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