REVU Day set for 18th

Jordan Mantha mantha at
Thu Sep 14 22:51:57 BST 2006

Hi everybody!

It's time for another REVU day, next Monday the 18th. We currently have 140+
packages on that need reviewing. As the Universe
Freeze (28th) draws near we need to make sure that the hard work put in by
Universe contributors gets recognized and, if possible, included. Several
community contributors have expressed frustration with how long it takes to
get feedback from REVU. Help us  make Edgy rock and Universe a truly
community developed repo.

What we need from MOTUs and experience Hopefuls:
Please show up to #ubuntu-motu as much as you can on REVU day and be ready
to help contributors. Many packages need simple fixes for common mistakes so
even MOTU Hopefuls who have been around a little bit can help out. We might
want to break up work so that we have "triagers" that pick up the common
mistakes and can clean up packages that have already been uploaded and other
MOTUs who can do the final review and ack'ing.

What we need from REVU uploaders:
Please try to show up on #ubuntu-motu so that we can give you quick feedback
and get your packages in shape and uploaded as quickly as possible. Also,
make sure to join the ubuntu-universe-contributors team on Launchpad so REVU
can use your LP account for gpg verification.

Let's try to clean up REVU and at least leave feedback on each package!

Thanks everybody. See you on Monday!!

-Jordan Mantha

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