(old) sync request for gnome-hearts

Sander Marechal s.marechal at jejik.com
Mon Sep 4 21:31:28 BST 2006


Could someone please take a look at bug 53544[1] please? Gnome Hearts
hit Debian on July 5th and I have been trying to get it in the Edgy
Universe since about July 10th but I keep hitting a wall. I had hoped to
get it in relatively painless so I'd have plenty of time to have it
tested and write up a MainInclusionReport for it, but I fear it's
already way too late for that now. I still hope to get it in Edgy
Universe so that I don't have to support edgy from my own 3rd party APT

[1] https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/53544

Thanks in advance,

Sander Marechal

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