motu-sru members

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Tue Oct 31 07:39:54 GMT 2006

Hello everybody,

I think we should try to get the motu-sru team functional until Friday,
so we have everything in place, even before UDS. :-)

As process I propose, just following up to this thread and either:
      * propose a new member. We should pick people who are in
        ubuntu-dev or ubuntu-core-dev.
      * Accept or decline if you were proposed yourself.
      * Raise objections if you think somebody should not be part of the

Please bear in mind that this is not an easy job and quite some work.It
will mean crawling through a bunch of emails and reading code as well.

Saturday morning, I'm going to pick four of the suggested people. just has temporary members.

Please participate in this.

Have a nice day,

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