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> Hi,
>  I am interested in knowing how ubuntu is maintaining its packages. I have seen that every  debian pacakge has been recompiled and renamed into ubuntu packages. How this is done, is there any tool present to automate this process? As per my knowledge to rename a debian pacckage into ubuntu, 
> 1) we need to extrac the debian source 
> 2) change the version name in the debian/changlog file to ubuntu (from debian) 
> 3) then do any other necessary modifications like replacing the ubuntu images etc.
> 4) then recompile it uding dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot command.
> In order to do this procedure for all 15000 pacakges of debian (stable, unstable, testing) it will consume lot of resources and man power. 
> So is there any tool present or u r using for this process to automate. Please some one give me this information.
> Awaiting for your reply

Not all debian packages are reversioned. Actually only 1000-2000 are I
think. We only need to touch the Debian source package if we have to
make changes so the vast majority of the packages are synced straight
from Debian unstable by the Ubuntu archive administrators. We try to
keep the number of ubuntuX versioned packages to a minimum as each
release we have to examine those packages that have since changed in
Debian and resync/merge the Ubuntu changes back in. It more-or-less
happens the way you are saying. We have an automated system called
Merge-o-Matic (MoM) that automates some of it.

Hope that helps.

-Jordan Mantha

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