RFC: MOTU build farm project.

Lucas Nussbaum lucas at lucas-nussbaum.net
Thu Oct 12 07:47:19 BST 2006

On 12/10/06 at 11:50 +1000, Luke Yelavich wrote:
> Hi all
> As discussed at the last MOTU meeting, we decided to start a wiki page 
> to do with the MOTU build farm project. I have just put a page up, with 
> the basic outline from my email, as well as a few ideas.
> You can find the page here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Machines - 
> Please add your thoughts/suggestions, so we may be able to take this 
> further.

While I like the idea of being able to build stuff ourselves on
different architectures, I'm not sure it's the MOTUs' role to work on
this. Maybe this should be brought to the Technical Board to see if a
distro-wide solution could be found ?

Actually, this is similar to the people.u.c/~login issue that was raised
in Tuesday's meeting: do the Ubuntu sysadmins trust us enough to give us
shell accounts on boxes we could use to build stuff ? Or are we just
second-class-citizens ? :-) 
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