Problem signing packages

Loïc Martin loic.martin3 at
Tue Oct 10 13:54:24 BST 2006

I've followed the instructions in The Ubuntu Packaging Guide and those in   but still face a problem :
when I run

> debuild -S -sa -kMYIDKEY
I'm asked for my pass phrase, fill it but it fails. Here is the output :

> Vous avez besoin d'une phrase de passe pour déverrouiller la
> clé secrète pour l'utilisateur: « Loïc Martin (t3g) <
> loic.martin3 at> »
> clé de 1024 bits DSA, ID BFF60F74, créée le 2006-09-26
gpg: problème avec l'agent - arrêt d'utilisation de l'agent
debsign: gpg error occurred!  Aborting....
> debuild: fatal error at line 791:
> running debsign failed

My key is configured, gpa is running, but I can't sign my packages...

On another note, my packages all have  a dependancy on
language-pack-fr-base, even though I haven't specified it. They also depend
on libc6-i686 (and libc6) which is another problem I've noted, among with a
lot of unrequired dependancies (like coreutils, binutils, etc...). It's a
simple package (gnugo 3.7.10) and I can't figure why I've got these added

Last note, I'm using debhelper and following the part in the Ubuntu
Packaging Guide about using debhelper.

Thanks a lot,
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