Bitchx in Ubuntu Edgy

Varsis Tomashibi var at
Fri Nov 24 02:26:52 GMT 2006

>> Oh? I never noticed. Seems like a strange dependency to me (shouldn't it 
>> be a suggested package instead? I guess that's debatable), if the plugin 
>> is optional that is. It basically means you have to install 
>> mysql-common, libmysqlclient15off and other mysql components in order to 
>> run an application that primarily doesn't use mysql unless an optional 
>> plugin is installed?

Daniel Jacobowitz Wrote:
> The plugin is included in the bitchx package.  It won't work without
> mysql.  Therefore, by default, mysql is a dependency.
> The plugin is "europa"; I don't remember what it's for.
> I can't find a reference for it, but enabling optional features in
> Debian packages even when they require additional libraries is standard
> practice.  It is no kind of hardship to install mysql-common to use
> BitchX.  It's not like you need the server.

I understand your position, though I think that it would better serve 
the user base by having the option to have bitchx without mysql support 
and without the plug-in that requires it. Though I guess that's just how 
I see things perhaps? :)


Gabriel Puliatti Wrote:
> I'd say the best idea would be to split the package in two, one with
> the plugin(s) which depends on mysql, and the other one with just
> BitchX, depending on the things BitchX needs.
> Or a Recommends:. 

I agree with this, though that would only be necessary if the plug-in 
needs to be compiled into the application, otherwise a 
Recommend/Suggestion for the plug-in would be more acceptable.

The only reason I bring this up is due to over complication for users 
who just want the bitchx irc client and it's nominal functionality, and 
those who use dial-up (or worse) connections... yes there are still many 
countries with 3k/sec speeds :(

- Varsis (aka ferro)

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