News from MOTU-SRU, W47

Stefan Potyra sistpoty at
Wed Nov 22 12:30:47 GMT 2006

Hi folks,

the first two stable release update candidates have landed in -proposed, so 
please test:

* dapper-proposed:
  + gcl, #43150

* edgy-proposed:
  + oprofile, #69455

in case you find any regressions with these, don't hesitate to append this to 
the given sru-request bugs.

For the interested, here is a list of the ongoing sru-requests:

* pouetchess, #72052: patch might not fix the problem fully, also needs a MOTU 
for mentoring/uploading

* dmraid, #68924: new upstream version too intrusive for -updates

* octplot, #70789: package (still) not working after patch

* gnome-hearts: 65274: needs a proper sru-request 

* libnss-ldap, #70146: 3 of 4 votes already present.

Finally, we still didn't make the SRU-policy official, which I think we should 
do now. I'd go for the proposal at [1] (as we're already handle sru-requests 
like this). Also I'd suggest that sru-requests need a quorum of 3 votes.

Any objections?

P.S.: If you're interested, I'll try to make such a small sru-report every two 
weeks (or whenever my time permits *g*).

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