D. Hiller dhiller at
Fri Nov 17 21:53:57 GMT 2006

I am not sure if you are the right address to discuss this topic, I
found this address in Synaptic under "Betreuer".

I am using Ubuntu Edgy Eft (upgraded from 6.06). I installed VLC and
also the plug-in "mozilla-plugin-vlc". This would not let me view videos
(my example where mpeg files) in the firefox browser. In the end I
discovered, that the file vlcintf.xpt is missing. There were some links
to this file which were reported as broken.
Uninstalling this plug-in lets me see mpeg videos again in firefox with
My idea is that the Ubuntu package for this plug-in is incomplete. Can
you please verify my idea and if correct make a correction in the

Thanks and best regards

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