How Do I Package A PHP Script

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Mon Nov 13 19:27:55 GMT 2006

Hello All

This is my problem I have found a tool that is written in php called ampache
Ampache is a PHP-based tool for managing, updating  and playing your MP3/OGG/RM/FLAC/WMA/M4A files via a web interface.  It allows  you secure login, create and manage user accounts, create/save playlists, random play, local play feature, themes, album art and much more.  I currently have it installed on an Ubuntu LAMP server connected to my personal LAN for about 6 months and it has been rock solid.  Ampache has been actively developed since 2001.  I noticed on ampache's web site that the lead developer would like for Ampache to be included into debian or Ubuntu, hince the reason for this email.  To do this Ampache has to be "Packaged" and this is where I am confused.

I found this Guide on the Debian Site "Debian New Maintainers Guide".  This guide talks about packaging programs that need to be compiled from source code.  With Ampache all you have to do is downloaded it unpack it, and place in in /var/www and point your browser to its set up page and you are done.

What my question is, is how do I debianize Ampache so users can use apt to install ampache and all of it's dependent programs (apache, mysql,php).  You can use apt-get to install phpBB, which is php based just like ampache.  

Any help with this will be greatly appreciated

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