More Teams, more MLs, more more more (was Re: Stable Release Updates policy)

Stephan Hermann sh at
Sun Nov 12 15:50:38 GMT 2006


On Saturday 11 November 2006 23:10, Daniel T. Chen wrote:
> Ming Hua wrote:
> > I have another idea -- what about forming another team to act as
> > MOTU-SRU bug triagers?  This team should be (automatically?) set as bug
> > contact for all SRUed packages, and look at the bug reports, then
> > contact MOTU-SRU team and the MOTU who did the upload if they think the
> > bug is caused by the update.
> >
> > I care about stable updates a lot, and while I am not confident to be in
> > the MOTU-SRU team, I would be happy to be in such a bug triaging team
> > and help what I can.  Anybody with me?
> Ideally all MOTU would participate, but understandably there are
> resource constraints. I'm game for being on such a triaging team.

Just another team with the same ppl in as in our other teams?

I think this structure of teams will work if there are different ppl doing 
different work. But the same ppl doing the same work  (and what is different 
from bug triaging for normal motu bugs, then triaging bugs for sru bugs?)

TBH, nowadays it's quite difficult for a newcomer to find out how MOTU 
universe is working, with all this administration. 

Why can't we go back to the "old" times of KISS (Keep it simple and stupid) so 
that everybody can understand what we are doing and can help us?

Administration is good, Structure is better...but the people love us because 
of simplicity not being XYZ with strange rules.

Just my thoughts,


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