Building a Ubuntu package

Andreas Volz lists at
Tue Nov 7 21:13:45 GMT 2006

Am Tue, 7 Nov 2006 00:52:36 +0100 schrieb Luis de Bethencourt:

> I also offer myself for the trask but I think it would be good to
> maintain this package through ubuntu studio, independently to who
> maintains it.
> I see you have the GPL license but, no source code downloadable?

The source code is in the CVS:

There's not yet a source package released. The windows version was
pre-released, because some people couldn't wait some more time. I test
currently the source on some distributions before the release.

Hint: You need to unpack all zip files in package makehuman/data and
makehuman/pixmaps. We don't like this situation currently, but there's
no better solution for such a mass of files. Has anyone experience with
a version control system and large amounts of small (binary) files? Is
subversion better as CVS here?


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