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Wed Nov 1 08:46:02 GMT 2006

Hello everybody,

CCing Michael, as he knows the dist-ugprade process best. :-)

Am Dienstag, den 31.10.2006, 23:01 -0500 schrieb Daniel T. Chen:
> Jordan Mantha wrote:
> > Anything else we should take care of soonish? I'd like MOTU to get
> > feisty with Feisty and rock the user community with the most stable,
> > up-to-date, and usable Universe yet. Starting the development cycle
> > right will help a lot, IMO.
> Reading Scott's comments[0] regarding dist-upgrading led me to revisit
> something we've been neglecting: We should plan a testing scheme for
> universe dist-upgrades. Granted we're already doing this from revision
> to revision, but William's and Michael's efforts in Edgy have reiterated
> just how imperative it is that we strive for smooth dist-upgrades. For
> Feisty, although our primary upgrade path will be Edgy->Feisty, there's
> no reason we shouldn't at least attempt Dapper->Feisty, too.
> Yes, I'm insane[1].
> However, if Dapper is to be recognized as a serious LTS release, we
> really need to put the manpower behind it. Count me in for assisting
> said effort.
> [0]
> [1]

I talked to Michael about dist-upgrade testing and we had some ideas
involving popcon data in simulating release upgrades.

It'd be really cool to see people jump in there and get release upgrades
tested early in the game so we can get packages fixed before release.

Have a nice day,

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