SRU TEAM Nominations

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Wed Nov 1 03:57:10 GMT 2006

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> It seems that there have been quite a few nominations , more than what
> is needed for the team, so i propose a new list that falls into the 5 to
> 7 limit to help us move along on this front. If there are objections to
> this list or someone on it dosent want to do this job please step
> forward and we can adjust the list. These are people that are active
> MOTU's and not much overlap with MOTU-UVF
> sistpoty. ( Accepted Nomination )
> imbrandon ( Accepted Nomination )
> bddebian
> crimsun
> siretart
> stevenk
> Hobbsee
> Thoughts? Flames? STFU Brandon? send away !
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> imbrandon at
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I'm probably out of commission until around the new year but I'll help out 
however, where ever I can.  So I accept if you want me. :-)


Barry deFreese (aka bddebian) 

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