UVF exception for muine-shell.

Ryan Lortie desrt at desrt.ca
Tue Mar 7 18:30:11 GMT 2006

Hello MOTU List.

I'm writing on behalf of myself and Brandon Hale to request that the new
rule about not allowing new packages into universe past the UVF be
exempted for the purpose of including muine-shell in Dapper.

muine-shell  is  a  small C program that can send requests to a running
Muine instance to query its status or instruct it  to  perform  certain
commands.  Its goal is to provide a low-overhead mechanism for allowing
other programs and scripts to interact with Muine.

The reason that muine-shell was not included earlier was because
Ubuntu's upgrade to dbus 0.60 broke muine-shell (which was unmaintained
at the time).  I recently started maintaining muine-shell and have moved
it to the new dbus API and made some changes appropriate for Muine 0.8.4
(which was also recently included in Dapper).  It is because of these
changes that I am now able to propose its inclusion.

Because it's so small it's unlikely to contain fantastically large bugs
and since it's only installed by those who want it it will have no
effect at all on most users.

The package has already received two ACKs on REVU (neither of which are
from myself or Brandon).


Thanks for your consideration + Cheers.

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