the merge-list reworked or how to manage workflow

Stefan Potyra sistpoty at
Wed Mar 1 02:57:26 GMT 2006

Hi folks,

the merge-list decided to go offline and replaced itself somehow with the 
MOTU-Worklist-tool. I had almost nothing to do with it ;).

You can find the worklist at [1].

You'll need to file a bug with the title "accepted work"[2] to mark that 
you're working on a package and assign it to motu-reviewers or universe-bugs.
Thus, it'll show up on the list.

If you're done, mark it at "Fix Released", and the package will be removed 
from the list again. It will also get removed if you mark a bug as 

Well, the list is not sophisticated, and the bug-title is quite silly. I'm 
happy for a good suggestions on the bug-title and even more happy if you hand 
me patches to improve the list. The bzr-archive can be found here [3]. Any 
comments welcome ;)

It would be great, if s.o. would adjust to work with that list.

[2]: the actual regexp to parse the title is: ".* accepted work\s*"

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