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Zak B. Elep zakame at ubuntu.com
Tue Feb 28 14:51:19 GMT 2006

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Hi marcin! :D

Hey hey, back down a bit. :) I don't think anyone here is telling (or
even hinting) that your work is worth nothing.  I myself remember
distinctly saying that ``patches to rnc and emacsen-startup could be
sent directly to nxml-mode''---that by itself means that your work is
important enough to warrant attention by the proper authorities (in this
case, the nxml-mode maintainer.)

Sistpoty's remark, that ``it's not an option to add an already existing
package to universe again, this will produce unnecessary work for us''
doesn't mean that your work to create emacs-nxml-mode is worth nothing.
What it meant was plain and simple: if we accept a new package that is
basically a duplicate of an exisiting package, and add this package to
the archive without removing the old package, then that situation will
cause us MOTUs problems later on.  For example, when Dapper releases and
we now restart the Great Merge for Dapper+1, we'll be forced to drop the
newer (from Ubuntu) package if its not as up to date as the original
(from Debian) package.  Also, if there were bugfixes applied to the
Debian package during the upgrade, those bugfixes must be present also
in the Ubuntu package; there's simply no excuse for maintaining a broken

I (and everyone else) welcome your efforts to make Ubuntu better.
Indeed, many packages need a lot of love, and with people like you
helping in, I think Ubuntu _will_ be moving towards its self-improvement
much faster than many other distros.  However, please note that we also
need to minimize as much divergence as possible from Debian (being the
base distro for many packages, including nxml-mode) because much of
Ubuntu's existing infrastructure (its packages, build systems, etc.) is
built upon Debian.  Furthermore, we have a commitment to bring back our
changes to Debian whenever possible, for the benefit of all.

I hope you understand this.  We're not out to say that you should just
stop emacs-nxml-mode and instead fix nxml-mode.  If you feel that a
package rename is needed, then please complain to the proper
authorities!  I (and I feel many other MOTUs and Core Devs as well) may
be open to make significant changes, but I also must consider the
ramifications of making such changes towards others.



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