MOTU: Anyone planning on packaging Cube?

Stefan Potyra sistpoty at
Sat Feb 25 19:05:02 GMT 2006

Hi John,

(following up to ubuntu-motu list)

Am Samstag 25 Februar 2006 18:54 schrieb John Richard Moser:
> Are any MOTU guys looking at games?  

Yes, we have the motu-games team.

> I know Wesnoth and Adonthell are 
> out there, and I'm thinking about the ubuntu-gamers market.
> I just stumbled across a production 3D FPS called "Cube," which is open
> source and for Linux, Windows, BSD, and MacOSX.

Sorry, we can't package cube, since it's not redistributable. See [1] (and 
followups) for details.

> It looks fairly nice, 
> and it would be nice to see Ubuntu packaging up a few more
> redistributable games.
> In the line of FPS games, there's also AxionQuake and DeathIllustrated,
> which are based on open source code but aren't run from the best sites
> and the code is hard to find.  I'm not sure of either in terms of
> licensing, although D.I. is cube based; you'll have to ask the site
> authors.
> Digital Paintball (YES.) has GPL source code, not sure on data files.

Please add it to [2].

> Also Nexuiz.  Full GPL.

Bruno has already done some packaging for nexuiz, but these packages won't 
make it into dapper, unfortunately (due to FeatureFreeze). Good news is, that 
we'll have them in dapper+1, since Bruno is working within the debian-games 
team on it.

> Warsow I'm not sure wtf is going on here but it exists.

Please also add it to [2],

> Anyway, that's the line-up I can find for First Person Shooter games.
> It'd be neat to see these in universe if the MOTU team wants to go at
> it; the whole gamer crowd is spaced FAR from Linux because there's no
> visible good FPS games here (like Doom3?  XD)

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