UVF Exception for f-spot (0.1.5 -> 0.1.9)

Sebastian Dröge mail at slomosnail.de
Thu Feb 16 00:20:16 GMT 2006

Am Donnerstag, den 16.02.2006, 12:07 +1300 schrieb Andrew Mitchell:
> I'd like for f-spot 0.1.9 to get into dapper, as it fixes a number of bugs &
> UI complaints that people have. 0.1.9 supports more flickr accounts with the
> inclusion of FlickrNet, and the source is stabilising for a suse release. 
> I'm in constant contact with upstream, and this is the recommended release to 
> use at this time.
> Changelog diff & diffstat attached

Although the changes are pretty big I would want to see 0.1.9 in dapper.
The really big number of bugfixes and sane UI cleanups justify an update
IMHO. Also people are already crying for it ;)

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