Morgue for MOTU ?

Reinhard Tartler siretart at
Tue Feb 7 09:07:57 GMT 2006

Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> I'm just a bit tired by the fact that each time somebody raise an
> infrastructure problem, it is supposed to be solved in LP sooner or
> later. LP is supposed to solve some issues, but not all of them ...
> (Not to mention the fact the we don't have timelines for when stuff will
> be integrated in LP)
Thats right. And thats the reason why we created tools like
and REVU.

>> > > but as far as I understand, MoM and the patches directory are
>> > > intended to be integrated into launchpad properly.
>> >
>> > any source for this ?
>> It will or should be part of HCT. Please ask the Master Of MoM about it, 
>> Keybuck is Scotts nick on IRC.
> I really don't think HCT is about this. Keybuk didnt mention that when
> we talked about it during the last TB meeting.

This was in Keybuks talk at UBZ. He mentioned this several times in
#ubuntu. HCT is currently vaporware, because it is not published yet. We
have seen a live demonstration about HCTs capabilities. It is planned,
that you will be able to instantly examine differences in packages
across distributions, similar to the ones currently produced by MoM.

For more information please ask Keybuk in #ubuntu-devel, as he works on
both HCT as well as MoM, TTBOMK.


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