REVU Tools

Raphaël Pinson raphink at
Mon Feb 6 21:22:33 GMT 2006

Hello fellow MOTUs,

A quick note on today's work on REVU-tools.

Today's goal was to be able to use uscan with debian/watch files to
get the upstream tarball automagically and check for newer versions.
This is now implemented in 0.3* and available on REVU.

So now, running `revu-report` on REVU will check for the presence of a
debian/watch file in the source, use uscan to check if there's a newer
version, get the current version tarball if possible, then perform the

Some other changes were done to the set of tools, see the full
Changelog at .

I have packaged the first version of REVU-tools as deb tonight. It is
still missing manpages but the deb and the deb-src can be found on .

This package has been made tiber-independant so it can be run on any
machine. There might be a need to adjust PBUILDERNAME in
/usr/bin/revu-build (for example, I have to be root to run pbuilder on
my machine, so I used "sudo pbuilder" instead of "pbuilder ; on REVU,
it is set to "pbuilder-dapper").

The manual for REVU-Tools is available on .



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