UVF exception request for ejabberd

Stephan Hermann sh at sourcecode.de
Thu Feb 2 23:18:42 GMT 2006


On Thursday 02 February 2006 23:29, Christian Dröge wrote:
> Hello,
> there was the ejabberd 1.0 release some time ago and it would be nice,
> if this release would be included in Dapper for its complete XMPP
> compliancy.
> The diff of the changelog, the diffstat and a ready to go debian package
> with a debdiff is on http://files.draugr.de/deb/
> The new package fixes some warnings of lintian, too and installs and
> runs fine here. If you want to use this package and if this request gets
> approved, some people should review the package.

I second this decision. I have ejabberd 1.0 running locally on another box to 
test. And it's stable (more stable then jabberd2).
For a "Go".



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