MythTV package update

Reinhard Tartler siretart at
Thu Dec 28 21:05:55 GMT 2006

jafa <hdtv at> writes:

> It looks like the current Debian/Ubuntu MythTV package is built from the 
> 0.20 release of MythTV.
> MythTV maintains a 0.20 fixes branch which contains critical bug fixes 
> to the 0.20 release:
> svn co
> svn co
> Would it be possible for the mythtv package to be rebuilt from the fixes 
> branch?

Looks like the mythtv package is already managed in bzr [1].  I noticed
that the upstream svn is not registered in launchpad. I therefore
registered mythtv trunk and the fixes series. I haven't found the
mythtvthemes branch, perhaps the mythtv maintainers team [2] can comment
on whether they prefer to register a new product in launchpad or just
register additional branches for the themes.

> I am getting a number of support requests for something that was fixed a 
> while ago - it would help a lot of people if the package could include 
> these fixes.

Perhaps you want to consider to join to team so that you can directly
commit to the package branch?


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