REVU: fai 3.1.3ubuntu1 (source)

Reinhard Tartler siretart at
Fri Dec 22 15:02:10 GMT 2006

Format: 1.7
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 23:07:13 +0100
Source: fai
Binary: fai-client fai-server fai-doc fai-quickstart fai-nfsroot
Architecture: source
Version: 3.1.3ubuntu1
Distribution: feisty
Urgency: high
Maintainer: Thomas Lange <lange-8fiUuRrzOP0dnm+yROfE0A at>
Changed-By: Achim Bohnet <ach-gxyfGOoHVsmELgA04lAiVw at>
 fai-client - Fully Automatic Installation client package
 fai-doc    - Documentation for FAI
 fai-nfsroot - Fully Automatic Installation nfsroot package
 fai-quickstart - Fully Automatic Installation quickstart package
 fai-server - Fully Automatic Installation server package
Closes: 362252 389905 390346 390373 390520 394884 399561 400324 400521 400522 402294 402588 402644
 fai (3.1.3ubuntu1) feisty; urgency=low
   [Reinhard Tartler]
   * Review and clean up Achim's diff
   [Achim Bohnet]
   * Merge from debian unstable.
     + all kubuntu changes kept.
     + all but one conflict due to svn $ID$ tags
     + ./VERSION stick with kubuntu kernel
   * conf/make-nfsroot.conf conf/sources.list: replace edgy with feisty
   * simple example config fixes:
     + replace #!/bin/sh with #!/bin/bash in all script. ifclass is a
       function that gets not defined if sh is dash. Also (error|1) got
       trap statements were broken:
            class/10-base-classes hooks/instsoft.FAIBASE scripts/DEMO/10-misc
            scripts/FAIBASE/30-interface scripts/FAIBASE/10-misc
     + files/boot/grub/menu.lst/postinst: fix update-grub full path. It's
       in /sbin not /usr/sbin
   * doc/Makefile clean target: add doc/fai-guide.tex-in doc/fai-guide.aux
     doc/fai-guide.toc.  They are left behind when building docs fails
     or is interrupted.
 fai (3.1.3) unstable; urgency=medium
   * fai-savelog: fix a security tagged bug, make local copy of LOGDIR only
     readable for root and group adm (closes: #402644)
   * fai: add missing shift command (closes: #402588)
   * fai.8: improve dirinstall info (closes: #402294)
   * package_config/FAIBASE: add packages, this is only a documentation
 fai (3.1.2) unstable; urgency=high
   * use new fai kernel version 2.6.18
   * control: add Vcs-Svn control field (closes: #399561)
   * conf/NFSROOT: remove package hwtools, which do not exists any more
   * fai-chboot: exit if file cannot be written, tmpfile was not always
   * make-fai-bootfloppy: remove sit interfaces from list of network
     devices (closes: #400521), print error if it can't write to floppy
     device (closes: #400522)
   * fcopy: tmpfile was not always removed
   * mount2dir: use noatime when mounting local file systems
   * lib/subroutines-linux: change comment
   * fix typo in changelog
   * fai-server.postinst: change message (closes: #400324)
 fai (3.1.1) unstable; urgency=low
   * control: remove mkinitrd-cd from Recemmends: and Suggests:
   * make-fai-nfsroot: add missing option h to getopt, fix typo, test if
     $cfdir is already set (closes: #394884), no code change, reorder code
     so a normal user gets help whem using -h,--help
   * faireboot: fix file name to variables.log
   * fai-chboot: fix several bugs for listing options, option -p expects an
     argument, fix for -c behaviour (closes: #389905)
   * fai-chboot.8: minor document fixes
   * fai-mirror.1: fix example (closes: #390520)
   * fcopy: remove temporary file after use
   * fai: start udev before creating /dev/shm/network, remove set +a for
     dirinstall, so $fai_rundate will be exported (closes: #390373)
   * subroutines: umount config dir at the end of softupdate action,
     cd back to old directory, convert FAI_ROOT to absolute path if doing
     dirinstall (closes: #390346), die() only calls bash when
     FAI_ACTION=install, add -i to bash call (closes: #362252)
   * subroutines-linux: check exit status of get-config-dir
   * get-config-dir: replace die call with echo and exit statement, add
     error message
   * get-config-dir-cvs: fixed regular expression as 'expr' automatically
     anchors to the beginning
   * LAST/50-misc: /sbin/ is not used any more
   * ainsl.8: explain ^ and $ treatment in more detail
   * FAIBASE/10-misc: add anchors to ainsl pattern
   * class/20hwdetect.source: change discover call
   * aisnl,fcopy,fai-chboot: print help and exit if unknow option was given
   * lib/task_sysinfo: remove call of kudzu since it's not available any
     more in etch
 cab17db627ba93a7703455fd29bd2c3f 678 admin extra fai_3.1.3ubuntu1.dsc
 3d41745645dd4ce63bbc008d653f022e 193973 admin extra fai_3.1.3ubuntu1.tar.gz

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