handling REVU Day requests

Jordan Mantha mantha at ubuntu.com
Wed Dec 20 21:09:21 GMT 2006

Hi MOTU Land!

OK, so something that has stuck me is how we going to handle the influx
of "pokes" from people wanting a review. I'd like to suggest the
following for #ubuntu-motu :

1. When somebody asks for a review in #ubuntu-motu a MOTU should respond
timely and either review it then or tell the person they will add it to
their review queue.

2. Use a review queue. I've just been putting revu URLs in a text file
and do it FIFO. This allows you to do the review when you have a chance
will letting the person know that somebody cares :-)

3. Make sure you tell the person in the channel that you're going to do
the review as it lets them know somebody is listening and it lets other
MOTUs know that somebody is going to review it.

These may seem a little silly but it's really important that we give the
REVU user quick feedback. Quick turn-around is critical to REVU Days.
Make sure no REVU request in #ubuntu-motu goes unanswered, even if the
answer is "Not at the moment but I'll put it on my list."

Also, I just want to encourage *all* MOTUs to do some reviewing over the
next 3 days. Don't worry about having to catch *everything* just start
out by finding a few easy things (checking lintian output on .dsc and
.deb, making sure debian/copyright is filed out, versioning right,
.orig.tar.gz is correct, etc.).


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