Request to patch gnome-pilot v 2.0.14 in Edgy

Borden Rhodes dominussuus at
Sat Dec 16 22:08:23 GMT 2006

Hullo masters,

gnome-pilot version 2.0.14 released in Edgy contains a fairly serious bug,
explained at
, which caused Palm syncing through a USB connection to crash or, in my
case, wipe the memory from the PDA.  Needless to say, gnome-pilot 2.0.14 is
useless and dangerous to Palm users who try to sync with their USB cable.

The bug has been patched upstream and in Feisty but I don't think it
qualifies for a backport because the new version depends upon updated C
libraries and, I imagine, my request would be summarily rejected.

However, Matt Davey patched version of 2.0.14 and it appears to fix the
problem.  The fix is at .  I'm wondering, for
the benefit of everyone using Edgy and needing to sync their Palms, whether
the MotU would consider releasing this patch as a security update given the
regressiveness and threat of data loss using 2.0.14.

With thanks,

Borden Rhodes
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