MOTU Meeting Minutes Friday, Dec. 15

Reinhard Tartler siretart at
Fri Dec 15 21:52:51 GMT 2006

MotuCouncil: The TB will decide on members. dholbach will only do some
suggestions, with no binding character. The MotuCouncil gets the power
to approve members of ubuntu-dev delegated by the TB. The TB will be
informed by email and the account gets created. This means that the TB
will no longer decide on account creation. There is general agreement
that this procedure can cause confusion by outsiders and should really
be presented clearly. describes a process to prepare new
packages in a bzr branch on launchpad. That way, reviewers can directly
help with package and teamwork is improved. New packages should be
presented from now on as said in the spec: Upload it to a bzr branch,
and get it reviewed there. Use the --unchanged bzr option if you want to
comment but no changes are to be committed 

Merges: We are lagging badly. Some people pointed out that we need to
coordinate to avoid duplicate work. The discussion didn't come up with
results, it was deferred to ubunut-motu at

Packages that exist in debian, but are taken from some other source
should be clearly marked as such. The exact procedure for that will be
discussed on the mailing list. siretart will write up a proposal for
introducing an X- field in debian/control to the motu mailing list. 

Freeze Dates: universe will keep the same dates as
Main. cf.

Important bugs opened in debian and probably still in ubuntu. A list was
posted in It
is unclear how this list is calculated, and how often this list is
updated. Keybuk is asked to clarify on these points. We will do a 3 day
revu sprint, which means constant revu'ing! 

MOTUSchool: sistpoty suggested to make a school session during the 3 day
revu sprint. Ideas include:

22:27:49 < dholbach>  * packaging libraries
22:27:52 < dholbach>  * updating packages
22:28:02 < sistpoty> I guess I could do some q&a-session during revu days, showing some common mistakes and how to fix them
22:28:05 < dholbach> * regular(!) q-a sessions
22:28:08 < nixternal>  * nixternal proofing packaging
22:28:42 < siretart> * merging packages
22:28:51 < dholbach>  * introduction to bzr
22:28:52 < siretart> * importing packages to the bazaar
22:28:57 < dholbach> hehe
22:29:05 < crimsun_>  * universe SRU (-proposed/updates) and security errata (-security)
22:29:30 < sistpoty> * universe UVF-exceptions
22:29:31 < ajmitch> * dealing with Debian
22:29:43 < minghua>  * read MoM outputs
If anyone thinks he can take one topic, feel free to take it and
announce the date when you want to hold it on our mailing list.

Next Meeting: The next meeting will happen on Friday, Jan 12, 2007 12:00
UTC, unless something else is decided on the mailing list. 
This minutes was prepared by: ajmitch, crimsun & siretart 

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