MOTU Meeting let's do it again ;)

Stephan Hermann sh at
Wed Dec 13 11:30:22 GMT 2006

Stefan Potyra schrieb:
> Hi folks,
> Let's stick our heads all together once again.
> Thus, I'm calling for a motu-meeting once again. The only thing in question is 
> the date and time yet; I guess we'll have enough things to discuss.
> 1. proposal: This Friday, 12/15/06, 20.00 UTC
> 2. proposal: Next Wednesday, 12/20/06, 22.00 UTC
> Please answer to the thread what date you'd prefer. If you've got another 
> date, please say so (and make sure via [1], that #ubuntu-meeting is free 
> during this period.)
> I'd say we pick then the winning date this Thursday by 12.00 UTC.
> Invited is every MOTU, MOTU-hopeful and everybody that is interested in MOTU 
> business in general, so press the reply button NOW ;)

Wednesday is perfect



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