Meres Galore!

Jordan Mantha mantha at
Fri Dec 8 22:16:01 GMT 2006

William Grant wrote:
> Jordan Mantha wrote:
>> Is there an inherent reason why we can't just use a temporary "lock" 
>> solution like we did in Dapper where when you want to do a merge you 
>> filed a bug and closed it when you were done? If we tagged the bugs with 
>> "[Feisty merge]" it would be fairly easy to see what's going on. Then 
>> when people go to do a merge/sync the first thing they could look for is 
>> an existing bug. Is that too much bug traffic? It seems to me the issue 
>> is not so much "ownership" as duplication of effort (we don't want 2 
>> people merging/uploading the same thing) so putting a temporary lock on 
>> a merge while you are working on it is really what we are looking for.
>> -Jordan
> I think that a significantly better idea would be to have a temporary 
> locking feature in MoM itself, so you can see immediately whether it has 
> been taken or not. A comment field would be nice too, for noting that a 
> merge cannot be done for such-and-such reason.
> William.
Yeah, for me the ideal solution would be to have a checkbox and comment
field for each line. You check the box if you are working on the
sync/merge and in the comment field you could put your name and for
Hopefuls a link to the LP bug # that needed sponsoring.


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