Meres Galore!

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Fri Dec 8 11:50:24 GMT 2006

Hello everybody,

I hope you enjoyed the start of Feisty as much as I do. Looking at

      * and

we have quite some merges still on our plate.

It'd be great if you could all grab a few of them, notify the last
uploader that you're cracking on them and get them done. I'm sure
there's a lot of packages we can just sync from Debian.

For those of you who never participated in the early-in-the-cycle merge
frenzy here some links that might interest you:

      * (Daniel
        T. Chen's excellent online session about merging)
      * (our merging Document)
      * (information on
        syncing, sponsoring, etc.)

(If you find some of that documentation hard to read, confusing or
wrong, please follow up on the mailing list).

For those of you who work with the MOTUs for quite a while, please sign
up for the team
and help our newcomers to become good MOTUs themselves.

Thanks to everybody, have a nice day,

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