MOTU-SRU-Report, w49

Stefan Potyra sistpoty at
Tue Dec 5 21:02:05 GMT 2006

Hi folks, 
here's the MOTU-SRU-Report, W49:

First of all, we've been doing some cleanup on our queue and rejected bugs 
that were not SRU-ready due to missing patches.

Also we've been internally discussing two minor points in the current SRU 

* the tags to use, once a package makes it into -proposed are 
verification-motu-needed and verification-motu-done (once it's done). That 
way the tags don't overlap with main.

* If you're filing an SRU report, you should set yourself as assignee to the 
sru-report in question. That way it's clear, that you'll take care of the 
SRU, which means to do the actual uploads once approved, ping people to do 
testing and write comments to it, care for new bugreports after it's 
published to -updates (and so on).

Please don't assign motu-sru, subscribe 'em ;).

What else:
The winner of the first update is likely to be #43150, it's already sitting in 
the dapper-updates queue.

And now the list of bugs we handled/are handling:
        * present patch too invasive, rejected
        * needs more votes
        * in edgy-proposed, or in the queue
        * update doesn't result in a working package, rejected
        * needs more votes
        * too invasive, rejected and moved to backports instead
        * missing info for a sru-request, removed from list until
          info present
        * upload ready to go to edgy-proposed
        * needs more votes
        * no debdiff present, missing info for an sru-request, rejected
        * needs more votes
        * not a sru-request, rejected
        * uploaded to dapper-updates, sitting in the queue?
        * in consideration
        * ubuntu-archive must let it into -proposed

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