Dan Roberts ademan555 at
Mon Dec 4 06:32:54 GMT 2006

Hi, this is my first post in the mailing list, I hope I'm doing this
right.  Anyways, this is regarding the eclipse-cdt.  The current version
of the eclipse-cdt in the repositories is incompatible with the current
version of eclipse in the repositories.  So I have decided to *attempt*
to package the newest version of the eclipse-cdt.  Unfortunately this is
my first attempt at packaging anything, and I've been utterly unable to
accomplish this.  I don't know if its appropriate to paste in this mail,
but I assume that's better than having an attachment.  I'll walk you
through what I've done, and explain any errors i've recieved, and
hopefully i'll have my log somewhere of exactly the errors.

First I created a directory ~/Projects/eclipse-cdt

Then I changed into that directory and did apt-get source eclipse-cdt

Then I got the supposed source package (out of the sdk)

Within which there is a confusing array of possible source packages
in /eclipse/plugins/

chose /eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.cdt.source_3.1.1.200609270800/src/org.eclipse.cdt.core_3.1.1.200609270800/ which of course I can't confirm is the right thing, but it most closely matched the source tree within the source package.

Unfortunately I think I chose the wrong source tarball.  Well it wasn't
even a tarball.

>From there I procceeded to turn it into a tarball and run uupdate and
debuild and so on, but when i tried to run pbuilder I got an interesting
error message, but I won't even get to that because I believe I chose
the wrong tarball.  So, to all of you, what is the right approach?
Obviously I shouldn't uupdate with the entire sdk tarball, but which of
the million folders SHOULD I use?

I know this probably isn't as descriptive as it could be, or even as
helpful, but anything you can do to help is greatly appreciated, I
really need the eclipse-cdt


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