can someone update openct for dapper please?

Andreas Jellinghaus aj at
Fri Aug 18 23:06:28 BST 2006

Barry deFreese wrote:
> Andreas,
> Does 0.6.8 fix these as well?  Is 0.6.8 buildable on Dapper?  Or is it just 
> best to patch 0.6.6 for Dapper?

0.6.8 has the read()/EINTR fix as well. make sure the init script in 
0.6.8 creates /var/run/openct with user root group scard mode 750.
it should (at least I changed the init script in openct source itself,
but only commented it since the name of the group is "scard" in debian 
and ubuntu, but might have a different name in other distributions.

Thanks for your help!

Regards, Andreas

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