#ubuntu-motu-school Topic

Brandon Holtsclaw imbrandon at kubuntu.org
Thu Aug 10 02:35:54 BST 2006

> I joined #ubuntu-motu-school expecting there to be a reminder in the
> topic telling me when the next class would be but at the moment the
> topic is still:
> "#ubuntu-motu-school - read more about it on
> http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/School -- Current lesson: "Drinking from the
> Firehose - How to do Bug Triage right..""
> even though this lesson finished days ago (it was very informative, by
> the way).
> I thought it might be a good idea to make sure this topic is always
> either displaying the current lesson or advertising the next one. Who's
> the school janitor? :)
Thanks for bringing that to our attention , on a side note following the same 
concept Now that the MOTU Class sessions are on the fridge Calendar just as 
the ubuntu meetings I think we can talk Dennis into proding ubugtu 
to "manage" the topic as it does in #ubuntu-meeting from the fridge cal

Anyone see any objections to this? if not I'll poke him on IRC tonight about 

Brandon Holtsclaw
imbrandon at kubuntu.org
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