Scott J. Henson scotth at
Mon Aug 7 00:48:42 BST 2006

Hubert Figuiere wrote:
> On Sunday 06 August 2006 15:07, Scott J. Henson wrote:
>> I just noticed that the version of sympa in edgy is woefully
>> out of date.  I was wondering if I were to package the
>> latest version, would there be a chance to get a UVF
>> exception for it?  Thanks.
> Universe is not yet in Freeze, so no need for an exception today.
> If the version in Debian is not out of date and suits you, file a launchpad 
> bug to request a sync (Cc archive on the bug to make sure they get it)

No, the same version that is in Debian Unstable is already
in Edgy.  Which is 4.1.5-7 and the latest upstream release
is 5.2.1.  The current version in Edgy is a year and a half
old.  So I think I'm gonna take a shot at packaging the new
version.  Thanks.

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