More efficient package reviewing

Stefan Potyra sistpoty at
Thu Aug 3 00:27:06 BST 2006


Am Mittwoch 02 August 2006 21:58 schrieb Hubert Figuiere:
> Hi,
> I would like to raise a few points/concerns about the package reviewing
> process and the fact that the backlog of package to be review on REVU is
> increasing every day. It is not to blame people, but I'm sure we can make
> the process faster by reducing the actual workload.
> First, by following the Package Reviewing guide at
> <>  I see a lot of things
> that could be automated for checking, like checking whether the package is
> in the distro or in debian.
> We could also have an automatic pbuilding of the package with a detailled
> report. Exit the FTBS that reviewers emit.
> In short running REVU tools
> <> automatically would
> make sense, or at least using a "Click-n-run" in the REVU interface.
> There is also some suggestion that would need more coding on the REVU
> frontend, like listing outstandingly waiting packages, etc.
> What do people think?

patches are always welcome :)

Personally I'd like to work on revu2 rather than revu1, since revu1's codebase 
is really somewhat ugly. I hope to get some work done on revu2 soon, if only 
real life wouldn't always distract me ... *g*


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