More efficient package reviewing

Hubert Figuiere hub at
Wed Aug 2 20:58:29 BST 2006


I would like to raise a few points/concerns about the package reviewing 
process and the fact that the backlog of package to be review on REVU is 
increasing every day. It is not to blame people, but I'm sure we can make the 
process faster by reducing the actual workload.

First, by following the Package Reviewing guide at 
<>  I see a lot of things that 
could be automated for checking, like checking whether the package is in the 
distro or in debian.
We could also have an automatic pbuilding of the package with a detailled 
report. Exit the FTBS that reviewers emit.
In short running REVU tools 
<> automatically would 
make sense, or at least using a "Click-n-run" in the REVU interface.

There is also some suggestion that would need more coding on the REVU 
frontend, like listing outstandingly waiting packages, etc.

What do people think?


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