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Stephan Hermann sh at sourcecode.de
Sat Apr 15 07:06:24 BST 2006

Hi Guys,

after heavy email traffic, and my neighbour is really pissed :) I 
finally decide to bring back my blog.
And thanks to all the people who send me an email, I got finally new 

For this, I need your help, I tried this adventure with paypal and setup 
a spend button on the blog.

For this I need some advertising of you on p.u.c, because I'm not 
aggregated anymore (on my free will).

If you are interested to help me, please make a blog post or p.u.c. post 
or fridge post whatever and point the people towards this page:


There is light on the horizon, and I still have too much to do in my 
life, it's too early to give up...

And yes, I'm coming back, and try to start to do rocking things....

thx for your ear :) and your help....

St. Hermann
SysAdmin and Linux specialist without a job
For renting: sh at sourcecode.de
And it's back: http://linux.blogweb.de/
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