Laying down my rights as package uploader for Main and Universe

Stephan Hermann sh at
Wed Apr 12 04:22:09 BST 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen,

as you all know, I'm not in the position anymore, to do some development stuff 
for Ubuntu/Kubuntu etc. in the next couple of days, weeks, months.
I have to shutdown my server and get rid of some domains, therefore I'm a fair 
player, and disable my key in launchpad, which, I hope so, should disable all 
upload mechanisms and anything depending on my key for Ubuntu, because I 
won't receive mails nor can I do some compiling stuff for the packages. 

It was a great time with you all, actually to short, I hope, someday, I'm back 
in business and back in Ubuntu action. Let's see.

For the tests of the canonical laptop, I'm doing those test, as long as it is 

Ok, have a great time, I hope the release will be the best release ever, and 
have fun in Wiesbaden...


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