MOTU StrikeForce

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Sun Apr 9 11:56:29 BST 2006

Hello everybody

I want to pull the concept of the MOTU StrikeForce out of the hat,
again. Those of us who are with us for a bit longer now, know that there
are stressful times, when the MOTU world is expected to deal with
hundreds of packages in a short time and most of you know that we always
performed the task admirably.

Merging in the beginning of the release cycle, library transitions
during the release cycle and rebuilds at the end of the release cycle
belong to our tasks all the same.

I was thinking if we could have this strike force instead of say the
motumergers team. With the tools we have it should be easy to create
lists of things to do (unmet dependencies and ssl transition come
instantly to my mind) and to track them via Malone.

Stefan, if I remember correctly you wrote much of the infrastructure for
the Merging Sessions. How easy would it be to make it a bit more

If you have any thoughts on this idea, please follow up on the list.

Rock On! :-)

Have a nice day,

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