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Wed Nov 30 22:03:33 GMT 2005

On 30/11/05 at 22:28 +0100, Reinhard Tartler wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 30, 2005 at 03:43:26PM +0100, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> > motutools and motu-tools (with a dash): what's the difference ?
> > ===============================================================
> > motu-tools is a set of scripts written by Reinhard Tartler,
> > Stephan Hermann and others. Those scripts (, aims
> > at easing the merge process. At some point, they might (or not) be
> > merged into motutools. This hasn't been discussed yet. 
> Well, I started to write that python script because we badly needed
> something to deal with 600+ merges. Currently, we have done over 400
> merges in less than 2 weeks, iirc. :) ROCK ON!
> I'd have no problems in having them in the same package.

Ok. If you want, branch from me and start working on your scripts inside
motutools. But my priority currently is to get it into universe so I can
get more testers.

> > Current status
> > ==============
> > * waiting for friendly reviewers on REVU ;)
> > * can already do interesting stuff[0], but need comments and ideas
> > for other scripts.
> > 
> > [0] (see also the
> > example on the wiki page)
> Wow. This list really really rocks! But if I understand correctly, it
> is only about ruby related packages, right? How big would that table be
> with all packages in ubunut? 

See the example on the wiki page : it's easy to generate the list for
all the packages. The list of ruby-related pkgs is only used as a
"filter" here (with mts filter). I put a list with all debian and ubuntu
packages on . The
command used to generate it are :
# update the local Packages and Sources files for Debian and Ubuntu
mts update

# generates a file with the packages list and their versions
mts compare-versions > versionslist

# generate the HTML report
mts versions2html < versionslist > allversionslist.html

> How often is your page regenerated?

Currently, it's a manual process. It takes half a minute to generate it,
so I don't see the point in using crontab for now (however, feel free to
run a crontab to regenerate it: again, the commands used to generate it
are on the wiki)

> I still didn't really review your package yet. My main problem with it
> is that it is written in ruby, and I'm not really comfortable in
> reading ruby. Nearly all scripts we have written for ubuntu universe
> are written in python. Since nearly every MOTU knows python, it is
> easier to bugfix and adapt these script. 

As stated on the wiki page, I would integrate patches to convert
/usr/bin/mts to python if sbody writes them ;)

I tried to write some very simple ruby code: everybody knowing python
should be at least able to understand it. And most of the scripts are
written in bash, actually.

> I'd really like to hear opinions from other motus, too.

I think that the position should be:

  If there's no packaging bugs, it should be able to go to universe.

This would allow to get more people involved by making it easier to try
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