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I recently joined this group and itś the first time i write. I'm a student
of electronics engineering and I installed Ubuntu. I will need circuit
simulation software. I used sometimes Orcad under Windows. It seems to be
the only one, it's very complete, but i hate that program. I don't know why
things done by engineers to engineers have to be so difficult, have a so
unfriendly, not intuitive interface. Altough it performs what it is supposed
to very good, and has very complete libraries of components, i think Orcad
has a lousy interface. Anyway, i'll use it under wine or virtualbox if i
have no choice, because it's the only one my professors can help me use.

But I am looking for linux native, preferably free software alternatives.
I've had a look in Qucs, and followed the simple voltage divider example in
the Getting started help, but i couldn't get the simulation results. The
simulation runs (no netlist errors), but i get the message "checker error,
no actions defined: nothing to do" and the node i labeled to get the result
doesn't show at the left tab in the diagram where it should be.

I took also a look at Oregano, I manage to simulate the same simple example
and it worked, but it seems rather incomplete (very few options and
libraries). I tried to look at the help but it didn't open the ghelp:oregano

It seems to me that these softwares are in early work in progress stages...

Please, if someones uses this kind of software, what's the best choice? Even
if it is proprietary, if it is as good (complete) and as bad (lousy
interface and dificult to use) as the Windows Orcad, i'll use it, but i have
at least to have a free trial that convinces me that it is good enough, and
have some documentation. Orcad is bad but at least i have someone that uses
it to ask questions...

Can someone help me? Thanks in advance,

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