Andrea Colangelo (warp10) joins MOTU-science team

Andrea Colangelo warp10 at
Thu Jan 24 08:08:26 GMT 2008

Hi all!

Ming Hua ha scritto:
 > Andrea Colangelo (warp10) has done quite some package merging and
 > syncing work for hardy, so I was quite happy to approve his/her
 > membership of MOTU science team on Launchpad when he/she asked me on
 > IRC.  Welcome aboard, Andrea.

Thank you Ming Hua. I'm very happy I could join this team. Indeed, my 
work for science related packages is going on; just yesterday I got the 
sync for more packages not in Hardy yet. I hope that my small 
contribution will help to keep these packages in great shape for Hardy.


PS: In my Country (Italy), "Andrea" is a masculine name, so you may want 
to use "his" and "he". :-D

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