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On Sat, May 5, 2012 at 12:26 PM, Ankush Puri <ankush.osd at> wrote:
> Hello all,
> This is Ankush and I work with Infosys Ltd. as a systems engineer.Currently
> I am working as a J2ee developer with Infosys Cloud team.
> I am basically a sun certified Java programmer and I also have experience on
> working with c language.And have also worked on integration of cloud
> services provided by amazon and rackspace.
> I've using Ubuntu since last month and I am truly in love with this
> project.Really what an awesme open source project.I would love to contribute
> to this project but don't know much about how can I contribute.
> Can anyone please tell me are there any online bug trackers available for
> this project ?And after that how can I start contributing to this project.?
> Currently I am done with installation of packaging related software and
> reading more about those.

Hello Ankush,

A warm welcome to the Ubuntu Community

In ubuntu generally you get the source package from the Ubuntu
archive, make your changes and apply the same, generate the debdiff,
attach it to the launchpad bug and then ask a MOTU/CoreDev to sponsor
it for you. (Sponsorship means, in short A person who has got upload
access to the archive reviews your change and uploads the package for

The below link might be helpful to you

Apart from this you can fix bugs in upstream and debian too and
incorporate them into ubuntu.

(See Jonathan's excellent detailed explanation on the below link of
the mailing list archive

Also, #ubuntu-motu on is a nice place to start off
with your queries on ubuntu development.

A warm welcome again!


Bhavani Shankar
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