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Paul Wulff paul.wulff at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 22:04:56 UTC 2012

Hello all,

My name is Paul.

I work as "Software Engineer" in a Belgian company.
My job is to develop multi-platform libraries mainly in the field of
imaging and document processing.

I usually use C/C++ but I know also some other languages.

I have followed the link "Get Involved" from my Xubuntu Desktop and I'm
now a little bit lost.

I've read :

  * Get Involved
  * Ubuntu Packaging Guide
  * Fixing a bug in Ubuntu
  * MOTU/GettingStarted
  * ...

I've done almost everything listed there but there is only 3 "bytesize"
bug for Xubuntu in Harvest.
Those 3 bugs are related to xchat and I cannot find source to fix them. :(

Can someone help me to find those source or a better to get started?

Thanks for your time.

Paul aka Polo

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