Packaging Something

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Fri Nov 25 13:41:38 UTC 2011

I developed a software, which is itself licensed under GPL and requires 
other software to run which is already part of Ubuntu. Currently it can 
be installed in Ubuntu by following a rather cumbersome installation 
instruction. It can be found here:

Now I would like to make a package from the software. Most requiered 
software is packaged with Ubuntu. Some packages are installed by the 
cabal package manager of the Haskell programming language. Furthermore a 
selfmade truetype font is installed into the texlive installation.

So I think the first problem I got to solve it to split the problem to 
proper subpackages and get specific information from the people 
maintaining the Haskell part (called ghc libghc6 and so on) and support 
from the texlive maintainers. Once I got these problems solved I can 
package my own software.

Yours Dirk

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