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Elvis Dominguez elvisd79 at
Fri Jun 24 21:49:53 UTC 2011

Hi all,

i'm Elvis 32 y.o., from Cugnasco, Switzerland.
Full time java developer
Ubuntu lover, use it at home and at work full time.

would like to contribute back to ubuntu and i have started fixing bugs,
bitesize bugs.
Yesterday I fixed my first issue (in compiz-plugins)

Today I like to fix a small bug in unity
have done the
bzr branch lp:unity
edited file to correct the problem
now following the guide i
should try to compile using
bzr bd -- -S -us -uc
but this returns an error cause no debian/changelog is present
I cannot do the dch -i (same error)

It's safe to commit my work?
What am I doing wrong?

You can find me at



Elvis D.
elvisd79 at
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